Jean-Luc Cooke

Nepean Riding
Green Party Shadow Cabinet - Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur, data security & cryptography engineer, husband & father of two young girls. October 19th elect someone to represent you who represents you.

His ideas to help small business and reignite start-ups will bring jobs.

A true fiscal mindset with a live-and-let-thrive social conscience is what Nepean needs.


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Recent News

Sep 2015 - Jean-Luc and team working the campaign trail, putting up signs, going to debates.

Oct 2015 - Jean-Luc has a full docket of debates, panels, and appearances: CBC, CTV, CPAC, high Schools, Community Associations and City Hall.

July 2015 - Jean-Luc pens Op-Ed letter "Nepean Needs Better Candidates"

July 2015 - The summer pre-election campaign has begun. Planning and events start in earnest.

May 2015 - Goes on 10th wedding anniversary trip with wife to Paris. Have fun Jean-Luc! Come back refreshed and recharged!

March 2015 - Re-wins nomination for Green Party candidate in Nepean.

A Great M.P.

He is an independent thinker - not someone who blindly follows party policy. They must be able to see what is best for the riding, what fits with their values, and act with integrity. Read More +

About Jean-Luc

  • Grew up, went to school, and is raising a family in Nepean
  • Carleton University, degree in Systems Engineering
  • Founded I.T. data security consulting firm March 2001
  • Currently working in another data security start-up (offices in Ottawa, Montreal, Las Vegas)
  • Candidate in 2011 federal election, Critic for Small Business
  • Principles to Live By

    Communities are built by people who work hard, spend time with their family, and help in their neighbourhood.

    Jean-Luc is like you: works to pay the bills, raises his kids, and then keeps going to make Nepean a better place to live.

    Seeing the Big Picture

    The big problems are never solved with one-liners and prepared speeches - to make Canada stronger a leader has to lean on the knowledge of experts. Jean-Luc has developed his platform and that of the Green Party by bringing in the best ideas from the best minds.

    First Nepean Debate (Sept 13)

    Hosted by Indo-Canadian Community at Cedarhill Golf&C.C.

    Highlights: Respecting public service & closing Conservative talking-point binder mid-sentence.

    Rogers TV Debate (Sept 30)

    Highlights: Pointing out candidates who do not understand payroll deductions should not pass laws on taxation.

    Bells Corners Debate (Oct 3)

    Highlights: No MP or Prime Minister can do anything about Niqab: Supreme Court decided it is a Charter Right
    & Conservatives are using it to stoke racism in Canada.

    Meet Jean-Luc

    In The News

    "He has solid ideas for pension reform and for encouraging private-sector investment, innovation and small-business growth. ... Jean-Luc Cooke would make a great Green MP." - Ottawa Citizen review board, 2011

    "Jean-Luc's small business policies are what high tech needs" - Pat Mollins, business owner, 2015

    In Nepean

    Connecting with community associations, churches, mosques, synagogues and temples all summer and fall of 2015.

    Jean-Luc wants to meet with you, on your terms. Contact us and see why Jean-Luc is ready to be MP.

    Jean-Luc - Headshot


    Canada has the most educated workforce in the OECD, with the highest university graduate unemployment rate in the OECD.

    To take care of the environment, we need to keep employment and the economy growing.


    After graduating from Carleton University with a degree in engineering, Jean-Luc created an information security consultancy firm and has since moved on to a new I.T. venture again focusing on security. Jean-Luc is aware that we need to act now to create a brighter future for our citizens; that is why he has chaired the Green Party's Pension Policy Committee. Jean-Luc has deep roots in Nepean, and is connected to the collective desires and needs of the people. Married in Barrhaven/Fallowfield Village, along with his wife and two daughters - aged seven and five years - he calls Bells Corners home.

    Jean-Luc's Policies at a Glance

    We as taxpayers are paying for public research, statistical services and resources. These activities are being muzzled for political reasons and let them do their jobs.
    Canada's federal civil service is an underutilized asset. Elected Jean-Luc will use their expert advice to make the best decisions for our country.
    Individuals who invest in a small business will not pay capital gains on selling their shares if they reinvest those gains into another small business.
    Jean-Luc's unique plan for Capital Gains Roll-over for Small Business investment will ignite new businesses and employment.
    Once Mom & Dad Investor get their profits from Billy and Susie's business they've learned so much. This plan will encourage early investors to keep their money on the table and help the next wave of entrepreneurs.
    Venture capitalists are not setting up offices in Canada because there are insufficient opportunities to invest.
    Today's small ventures become tomorrow's medium and large businesses - they are the future of our stock market and local economies.
    Canadians are not saving enough for retirement. Jean-Luc will fight to have increases to CPP contributions and benefits, not payroll taxes.
    Almost all pension funds are "underwater". Employer and union mismanagement have put people's retirement at risk and put those costs on the tax payer. All pensions must be legally and financially separated from the employer so another Nortel fiasco does not happen.
    Jean-Luc's background in computer security and cryptography make him an ideal MP on Parliament Hill to make changes to the controversial Bill C-51 and other "homeland security" type legislation.
    Our security agencies need to do their job to protect our country from threats, but they must do so by following judicial process and the Magna Carta principals of Habeas Corpus.
    Telecommunications analytics alone cannot prove guilt, only with a court order should our spies and police gain access to our personal information.
    The other parties talk a big talk, but do little to help the small businesses owners.
    98% of businesses have under 100 employees. 7.7 Million people are employed by small businesses who represent 40% of GDP. Canada has the talent and ability to compete with the world. He will lower small business taxes from 15% to 9% by 2019 while returning large corporate taxes back to OECD average of 19%.

    Real People Testimonials

    Jean-Luc in Nepean

    Oct 04 7-9pm - Westcliffe Community Center

    Bells Corners All-Candidate Debate. Watch on YouTube

    Oct 05 7-9pm - Ottawa City Hall

    All-Party debate on city-wide issues

    Oct 06 6:30-8:00pm - Marches Golf & C.C.

    Debate on innovation, research, infrastructure, economic growth and sustainable job creation. More info at

    Oct 07 10:30-12:30pm - Franco-Ouest High School

    All Candidate debate and student mock-election. More info at Franco-Ouest Website

    Oct 07 7:30-9:30pm - Trend-Arlington Community Centre

    Trend-Arlington All Candidate debate. More info at

    Oct 09 8:15pm-9:45pm - South Nepean Muslim Community Centre

    All Candidate debate at SNMC building. More info at